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Blue Flowers

Make a bold and beautiful statement with your gift by sending blue flowers to someone special. From a birthday flowers delivery to holidays, a bouquet or arrangement is sure to be memorable. Shop our selection of blue flowers available for every budget and same day delivery.

Blue Flowers Represent Hope

When you want to send hope to someone, no matter why, blue flowers will convey that. We all hope for a better tomorrow, and these blooms manifest that desire. They are powerful symbols. Send them to someone who needs inspiration. Just gazing at the lovely blue bouquet and feeling the love might help them focus on their goals. To really make an impression, shop our designer flowers, and consider pairing your stunning arrangement with one of our edible gifts and a personalized note for an extra special touch.

Blue Flowers for Men

Most bouquets and flower arrangements are designed for female recipients. It’s not that men don’t like flowers; it’s just that tradition favors flowers as a gift for women. But send a blue flower delivery for Father’s Day or any occasion celebrating his achievements. Did he get a promotion or start a new job? Hit a hole-in-one on the golf course? Of course, nothing is more romantic than wishing a man "happy birthday" by sending a blue bouquet. Pair it with one of FTD’s many food gift baskets to make a wonderful gift!

Send Blue Flowers Arrangements and More

Shop All Flowers to find the ideal shade of blue for the bouquet or floral arrangement that is perfect for your person. If you need a last-minute gift, remember that FTD offers same day flower delivery!