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Wedding Flowers & Gifts

Marriage is one of the most beautiful and heart-warming occasions in life. FTD offers a wide selection of wedding flowers to say congratulations or thank you for the invite, to be used as centerpieces at a rehearsal dinner, for the bride to hold while she walks down the aisle, or any other wedding need you may have. Shop our selection of wedding flowers and order them online today, we can have them delivered as soon as you need!

Wedding Bouquet FAQs

What flowers are used for wedding bouquets?

The flowers used for a wedding bouquet often depend on the bride’s preferences, but most often you can expect to see a white bouquet. She wants to walk down the aisle holding the flowers that will best represent how she feels on her special day. These are some amazing options for bridal bouquets that communicate this beautiful message:

  • Roses: a timeless flower of love; you can pick out white roses for a clean, pure, and hopeful message

  • Sunflowers: these are great for a spring or summer wedding, as it really speaks to the joys and happiness of the season

  • Daisies: a playful and sweet option that adds childish joy to any wedding

  • Mixed bouquets: with a variety of flowers that all communicate their own cheerful message, these bridal flowers will look amazing as she walks down the aisle.

With all these radiant types of wedding flowers available in FTD’s outstanding selection, you’ll find the perfect option for your wedding in no time — or the perfect congratulations flowers to celebrate!

How much is a bouquet of flowers for a wedding?

Bouquets of wedding flowers can cost anywhere from $80 to over $200. FTD prides itself in offering gorgeous arrangements at a wide variety of price points, suitable for almost any budget. Some of the prices available on our blooms include:

  • $80 for a simple and elegant yellow or pink rose bouquet

  • $100 for a plentiful arrangement of roses and hydrangeas that make the ideal wedding flower centerpieces

  •  $130 for white flower arrangements of mixed blossoms that are sure to turn heads

  • $210 for our irreplaceable bouquet featuring roses, snapdragons, eucalyptus, and hydrangeas.

With endless choices at your fingertips, find the perfect FTD wedding bouquet today!