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Gift Towers

There’s no question: gift towers stand out. If you’re hoping to make a lasting impression on that special someone, stand above the crowd with a beautiful gift tower from FTD. Stacked high with delicious chocolates and treats and delivered straight to the recipient’s door, these towers make the perfect gift for almost any occasion.

Gift Tower FAQs

On what occasion should I give a gift tower?

FTD’s exclusively curated gift towers make the perfect surprise birthday gift for whomever you choose! They’re also classy choices for a boss’s birthday, heartwarming options for mother’s day, or even a thoughtful just-because gift for someone living far away.   Our birthday gift tower is the perfect option for, you guessed it, birthdays. Our shimmering golden Godiva  chocolate tower makes an elegant birthday gift too, but can also be a memorable way to celebrate an anniversary, engagement, or housewarming. Holiday gift towers are always a hit, so if you’re struggling to find a present near the holidays, these make an excellent choice.

What kinds of gifts can be stacked into a gift tower?

Any gift that can fit in a box can be stacked into a tower! Here at FTD, we specialize in flowers and delectable food gifts. Our gift boxes come packed with mouth-watering candies, cookies, sweets, and treats that are sure to warm hearts and fill tummies.   Our Godiva chocolate gift towers come filled with luxurious and creamy Godiva chocolates, while our birthday tower is packed with festive morsels like caramels, cookies, and delicious saltwater taffy. We also have a Mrs. Fields traditional bundle that comes with fresh, homestyle cookies and snacks.   Basically, towers are all the best parts of FTD’s famous gift baskets, but stacked! We can assure you they make irresistible chocolate gifts for every sweet tooth.

What makes a gift tower the best gift?

Gift towers are some of the best presents available because they are plentiful, versatile, and always sure to please. No one is ever upset to see a shining tower of luxury chocolates and treats appear at their door. And, if you’re looking for an extra-special delivery gift idea, pairing a gift box with a bouquet of flowers is always a hit.   Consider pairing our Godiva gift tower with a bouquet of gorgeous roses, our birthday box with one of our playful mixed bouquets, or our Mrs. Fields box with some fun and folksy sunflowers. Whichever you choose, your special someone will certainly be wowed.