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Low Light Plants

You don’t need to have a green thumb or a sunny greenhouse to enjoy cheerful greenery in your home or office. Low light plants are the perfect addition needed to brighten up a dark corner of your home or insert a touch of color to a dim interior room. Enjoy a hearty houseplant or a sturdy succulent to liven up your living or office space without a lot of maintenance.

Low Light Plants FAQs

What does low light mean for plants?

Low light means that the plant doesn’t need direct sunlight to thrive. Instead, the light they’ll receive is likely to be a few feet away from the source, such as a sunny window or a space that gets indirect light. These plants typically require less food and less energy. While some plants can survive in low light conditions, they won’t necessarily thrive, so it’s essential to find the right one for your home or office space. They don’t need much water, which means they’re an excellent choice for anyone new to plants.

Do indoor low light plants make a good gift?

Low light plants are an excellent gift idea because they are easy to care for! It’s an ideal gift for any occasion. They’re perfect if you’re buying for someone who lives in an apartment. Low light plants also release oxygen, which helps improve the air quality of the home of your loved one, offering plenty of health benefits, including enhancing their mood and reducing fatigue. Best of all, many of them are almost indestructible. Our team of experienced florists takes great care in packaging all of our plant deliveries so you’re delighted with your low light plants delivery.

What types of plants are low light?

At FTD, we have a huge selection. They come in all sizes and shapes, including blooming plants and stunning green foliage. One of our most popular choices is the spathiphyllum plant, otherwise known as the peace lily, which is long-lasting and has an amazing effect on any home. We also have an extensive range of other types of indoor and outdoor plants that make great gifts, such as rose plants, orchids, and azalea plants.

Low Light Plants Online for Your Home or Office

Incorporating indoor plants and succulents brings more life to a space and helps purify the air. Search our online collection of potted houseplants and succulents that can be easily maintained in low light environments. Low light plants such as the rubber plant or ficus tree don’t require a lot of bright direct sunlight to thrive and are perfect for hallways or unused corners of space.

Refresh a dark powder room with a low light plant such as a small fern, cactus, or bamboo plant. Brighten up a drab office space with a low light snake plant. Their tall, straight leaves add a lot of greenery without a lot of maintenance. Add a touch of the tropics to a guest bedroom with a pink prayer plant, or send a peace lily as a gift for someone looking for the tranquility of this low maintenance greenery.

Low Light Plants Delivered to Your Door by FTD

Low light plants will bring the liveliness you’re looking for to cheer up any dull space. FTD has a beautiful selection of low light plants and succulents that will add a lot of greenery without a lot of maintenance. Our team will ensure your plants are packaged and delivered with care, so all you have to do is enjoy. Transform your space today by selecting your low light plant online and choosing your preferred delivery date and location. When you order plants from FTD, you don’t need to be an expert gardener to enjoy beautiful greenery all year long.

Send Low Light Plants Today

Shop all plants today and check out our extensive range to find the perfect one for your person. Our plant best sellers can help if you’re having difficulty making a decision, and our new arrivals can show you the latest plants and flowers in season. So, treat you or your loved ones with freshness from FTD!