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Orchid Plants

Orchid plants from FTD make splendid gifts, adding sophistication and beauty to your loved one's home or office. We offer a wide variety of unique orchid plants, so take a look through our selection and order your orchids today with FTD.

Orchid Plant Delivery

Whether you're sending a potted orchid to your colleague at work, or some regal flowers to your special sweetheart, you can count on FTD for careful packing and timely delivery. Browse our selection of orchid plants and floral arrangements, hand-crafted by experienced local florists. A live orchid plant delivery is a fantastic way to say “thank you!” for a job well done, or congratulations on your new promotion. Ask about our best selling flower delivery options featuring orchids. These arrangements are tastefully presented in gift boxes and stylish vases.

Orchids and Live Plant Gifts

If your loved one is passionate about the environment, he or she will appreciate a plant gift from FTD. More than fresh flowers, FTD offers a wide selection of delivery plant gifts. Choose between orchid plants, blooming plant gifts, rose bushes, indoor green plants, and bamboo plants and bonsai trees.

Plants are not only easy to maintain, but they provide lasting beauty in the home as well. Plants hold various meanings, but a majority of them contain healing properties and embody peace. What's more, house plants play an important role in a Feng shui home.

Give the gift of life to someone special. An orchid plant gift from FTD will be enjoyed for many months (maybe even years) to come. If you're stumped for ideas, FTD's dish garden section provides some of our most popular items. Supplement your orchid flower delivery with one of FTD's best-selling gifts. Satisfy your loved one's sweet tooth with a gourmet gift basket, including Godiva, Mrs. Fields and Ghirardelli. Or, send a personalized gift that will never be forgotten. Whatever gift you choose, your thoughtfulness will surely be appreciated.

What Does It Mean to Give Someone an Orchid?

Whatever the occasion – an orchid is the perfect means to convey your sentiments. These intricate blooms have different meanings and symbolisms for various cultures across the world. To some, orchids represent beauty, elegance and refinement, while others believe the orchid symbolizes everlasting love and affection. Orchids are often sent at funerals to pay respects to deceased family and loved ones. A funeral flowers delivery of pink or white orchids is common, as these two colors are thought to convey sympathy.

Orchid plants tend to live longer than traditional flower bouquets, and are elegant sympathy flower gifts. No matter what species or color you select, an orchid plant for delivery is sure to impress with its beauty, vibrant colors, and intricate shape.

Orchid Plant Care Tips

Whether received as part of a birthday flowers delivery, a sympathy flowers delivery, or another milestone occasion, follow these tips to extend the lifespan of orchid plants.

  • Do not overwater

  • Orchids prefer well-drained soil, so ensure the container has holes at the bottom

  • Check the soil every three days, and when it’s barely humid, add water

  • Room temperature water is best

  • Use loose, loamy soil

  • Place the orchid plant in a bright spot that gets indirect sunlight

  • Fertilizer can be given every 3-4 weeks

  • Depending on the species, orchids will re-bloom every 6-8 months

Sending Different Types of Orchids

There are nearly 30,000 species of orchids in the world, and about two dozen of these are commonly used to adorn households and gardens. The most popular types of orchid plants delivered include:

  • Phalaenopsis

  • Cymbidium

  • Oncidium

  • Vanda

  • Cattleya

Last-Minute Orchid Delivery

If you've waited until the eleventh hour to order flowers, orchid plants or gifts, FTD's floral delivery service ensures your gift arrives on time despite the rush. Known for excellent customer service and quality product offerings, FTD is the leading online florist. We guarantee freshness for no less than seven days post-delivery. Choose to brighten the day of someone you love and Shop All Flowers today.