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Pink Plants

Send some love to your favorite person with a beautiful pink flowering plant. Sure to brighten their spirits as well as their home or office, FTD offers an array of pink plants online to fit everyone's taste. A stunning way to celebrate a sweet 16th birthday, anniversary or just because, have a pink plant delivered today and watch love bloom!

Pink Plants FAQs

Why a potted pink plant?

Potted plants breathe life into every indoor space – figuratively and literally – by providing a number of health benefits to both home and office. Known to help eliminate toxins from the air, potted plants also enhance mood and reduce stress. Place a lush pink leafed plant on your desk and increase productivity and focus. A sensory power punch, plants with pink flowers boost the positive vibes in your surroundings with remarkable color and sweet fragrance. Be sure to follow the care instructions included with your delivery. This will allow you to enjoy your pink plant for weeks or even years and foster long-term gratification. Select from a number of pink house plants online to start building your soothing sanctuary.

What's the symbolism of pink plants?

When people think about pink, they think about babies, sweets and cakes, weddings, cotton candy, and sugar. Pink flowers are also associated with thoughtfulness, playfulness, and joy – an ideal option for sending flowers to friends and family. Pink flowers also connote love and affection. You can give a bouquet of pink flowers to anyone, whether it's your best friend or the love of your life. While it used to be a gendered hue, they are sent to everyone today.

In India, pink is a popular color for men, often found in wedding outfits and turbans. Pink is a masculine color in Japan, associated with strength and good health. In Thailand, pink is often associated with trust, while pink flowers in China mean good fortune. In Victorian times, pink flowers meant different things depending on the flower. Pink peonies were associated with wealth and prosperity. Pink sweet peas and pink roses were associated with gratitude. In addition, people viewed pink carnations as symbols of devotion and loyalty.

When it comes to the symbolism of other pink flowers and plants, the following are some examples:

  • Pink rose plants are often used to express love between friends, but they can also express admiration, friendship, and gratitude. Order these today for same day delivery.

  • Best selling plants like pink peonies are the symbol of a 12th wedding anniversary. They represent honor, a joyous marriage, luck, and abundance. This beautiful, dramatic blooming plant is a great option for all events, including graduations, retirements, and any occasion you want to show support and love.

  • Pink ranunculus were used in the Victorian age to show someone that you wished to court them, and it's still a great flower to send love.

  • Pink azaleas are often associated with love, passion, and romance.

Go Blush or Bold with Pink Plants

Pink house plants come in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and shades. Some are bountiful plants with pink flowers, while others have lavish, colorful leaves. Express yourself with your favorite hue and order a gorgeous pink plant online. Is your style more soft and delicate like a pink rosalea plant or bold like hot pink azaleas? FTD's selection of pink plants for sale provides a variety of ways to make a statement.

Give the gift that keeps on giving with a pink plant

Pink symbolizes love and happiness. So, what better way to make someone's day (and beyond) than to have a pink plant delivered and bring joy to their door? Shipped in delightful pots, baskets and tins, pink house plants from FTD can go from doorstep to display with ease. Have a yogi in your life? Wish them tranquil days with a Pink Prayer Plant or Blooming Azalea Bonsai for their yoga studio or space. Or, know someone who loves to feel pretty in pink? Spoil them with a Dream in Pink Dish Garden featuring lovely green foliage, pink blossoms and pink speckled leaves. Better yet, for an extraordinary housewarming or new baby gift, elevate a pink house plant delivery by pairing it with a delectable gift basket from FTD.

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Send same day flower delivery with FTD, and send a message of hope, life, and friendship. Shop all plants if you're looking for something different. We also have everything you need – from funeral flower delivery to new arrivals to a sympathy flower delivery. Shop all flowers to find your absolute perfect bouquet!