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Birthday Plants

A stunning birthday plant is a surefire way to make anyone's special day one to remember. From leafy potted floor plants to fragrant floral arrangements, our collection of happy birthday plants is second to none. When you order birthday plant delivery at FTD, you can rest assured knowing you'll have a gift that will leave a lasting impression.

Birthday Plants FAQs

What type of plants is best to give as birthday presents?

The best plants for a birthday gift are those that will light up the room and show your loved one how much they mean to you. From bright yellows to soft purples and every hue in between, our assortment of happy birthday flowers come in every color of the rainbow. And if you want to add some sweetness to the birthday guy or gal's special day, we have a variety of delicious birthday gifts, such as our fruit baskets and chocolate dipped strawberries.

What does a plant as a gift symbolize?

Plants are a great gift for any occasion. When it's the birthday of someone special, a plant can symbolize your affection and let them know that you're thinking of them on their special day. They have amazing health benefits and add a splash of color. Like birthday flowers, each birthday plant in our collection symbolizes something different. Here are some different meanings to consider when selecting the perfect birthday plants for delivery.

  • Peace lily plants represent innocence, rebirth, tranquility, and purity. When choosing this plant as a gift, it means you wish the birthday person peace and support.

  • Tulips symbolize perfect love, with different colors often carrying their own significance. For example, red tulips are usually associated with true love, while purple can indicate royalty.

  • Mother of Pearl Rose is a stunning choice for a birthday gift. It is often thought to represent family love, making it a thoughtful gift for your mom or your favorite cousin on their birthday.

  • Succulent plants Succulents are a great birthday gift that symbolizes unconditional love and are a great alternative to birthday flowers for your wife.

Are plants good birthday gifts?

There's nothing more special than receiving a living gift full of freshness and color. At FTD, we have plant delivery for any birthday celebration, so you can surprise your friend, family member, or partner with something that will bring life into their home. When you order plant delivery with us, you can expect your voluminous flower arrangement or green potted plants to arrive right on time as they celebrate another 365 day trip around the sun. And, if you're looking for last minute birthday gifts we even have same day birthday delivery just in case time caught you by surprise.

Birthday plants for delivery are a great way to remind your person that you're thinking of them. Whether you're looking for birthday flowers for mom or anyone else in your life, make their day memorable with a birthday plants delivery. With our wide range to choose from, we're sure you'll find the perfect birthday plant for delivery that will make their day extra special.

Whether you go for a more traditional choice, like an orchid or tulips, or something more unique, plenty of choices are available. Shop all birthdays online today with FTD and organize your birthday flowers delivery. We also have a wide range of birthday flowers and balloons to choose from if you want to make a statement for their special day.

How do you keep a birthday plant fresh?

When you order birthday plants for a loved one on their special day, there are a few things you need to know in order to keep them fresh. Our birthday best sellers can be kept fresh by following these steps:

  • Cut the stems on an angle to increase water intake

  • Remove leaves below the water line to prevent bacteria growth

  • Use room temperature water and flower food to keep your flowers hydrated

  • Avoid keeping your flowers near direct sunlight, open windows, drafts, and fruit to increase longevity

Send a birthday plant delivery today to someone you love!