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Potted Plants

Bring in the beauty of the outdoors and add a touch of green to your home or office by adding potted plants from FTD to your decor. Studies have shown that featuring potted plants in your home or workspace increases concentration, boosts mood, and improves air quality. Search FTD’s online collection of green and flowering potted plants and improve your space today.

Plants in Pots for your Home or Office

Featuring potted plants in your home, office, or dorm room is easy with FTD’s vast collection of potted plants for delivery online. Enhancing your indoor environment with potted plants and flowers will not only make it more aesthetically pleasing, but their natural beauty will improve concentration and mood. Whether you want something compact to sit on a windowsill or tabletop, or a larger potted tree for an entryway or corner, you’re sure to find it online at FTD.

Create your own botanical look by placing plants in pots that reflect your decorative style. Brighten up dull hallways or unused corners with a sturdy potted rubber tree or friendly ficus. Lift your mood at work by accenting your desk with an exotic bamboo plant or bonsai tree. You can even enjoy greenery and color by choosing flowering plants that bloom throughout the year. Hardy azaleas, elegant orchids, and sweet gardenias are just a few exciting ways to add a garden fresh feeling to your interior space.

Also, our beautiful rose plants are available in many hues. Is there any flower on earth as elegant? A miniature rose plant is an excellent gift for any occasion and any recipient. Whether for your spouse, romantic partner, mother, friend, or colleague, receiving one makes their day and elevates their home or office. Of course, you can send yourself a rose plant to complement your décor and lift your own spirits!

Indoor roses like humidity, so place your rose plant on top of pebbles on a shallow tray of water. A humidifier will also work. Unlike many other houseplants, roses need a lot of bright, direct sunlight. Do you have a southern or western window? That’s an ideal spot for indoor roses! As for watering, check the soil. Let the top inch dry out – feel it with your finger – and then give the plant a good watering. In the fall, after the roses bloom, give it a good trimming. This will promote future growth and keeps the plant healthy. Miniature roses go dormant in winter.

The Peace Lily is a Top Potted Plant

A spathiphyllum plant, better known as a peace lily, is another favorite potted plant delivery. This lovely plant requires little care, so it’s fine for someone who doesn’t have a green thumb. The creamy white flowers make a pleasing contrast against the dark green foliage. However, the peace lily is far more than just a pretty plant. It helps remove toxins from indoor air, creating a cleaner environment. Place your peace lily in bright, indirect sunlight for best results. It prefers moist but not soggy soil.

Order Potted Plants Online with Ease at FTD

When you’re searching online for what kind of potted plant you want to add to your space, FTD can help you make your decision easier. Our online assortment of potted plants includes low light plants for spaces that don’t get a lot of natural light, as well as low light plants that don’t need as much water or attention. Check out our customer favorites and our best-selling plants.

Potted Plants Delivered Today

Enhancing the look and feel of your indoor space can start as early as today when you order your ideal potted plant from FTD. Same or next day delivery is available for your potted plant when you make your selection online and choose your delivery location. Shop All Plants and view our huge range of current offerings, including our blooming plants. FTD also adds new plants all the time, so visit regularly to find plants for yourself or to send as gifts.