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Rainbow Roses & Flower Bouquets

Want to send a special someone a bouquet that’s truly unique? Order an arrangement of our colorful rainbow roses. These vibrant blooms put a fun and modern spin on the classic rose bouquet for a flower delivery that they’ll never forget! Order an arrangement of beautiful rainbow roses today with FTD, we have easy online ordering and affordable options for every budget.

How are rainbow roses made?  

Rainbow flowers are made with food dye or floral dye, which is then absorbed into white roses. To create tie-dye roses, the stems of your white roses will need to be split and set into different cups of water, each containing a single dye color. As the roses absorb the water, their petals begin to turn color, resulting in a truly unique combination every time. It’s important to note that the more dye you use, the more vibrant your kaleidoscope roses will turn out.   You can also create a bouquet of rainbow flowers by choosing a colorful arrangement that combines several popular blooms. Or, shop our flowers by color to find a bouquet in their favorite hue.

What is the meaning of a rainbow rose?

The beauty of a rainbow rose is in its unique composition and its potential for many meanings with its diverse hues. Typically, rainbow roses convey happiness and excitement—perfect for celebrations of any kind. Our rainbow rose bouquets feature an array of colors, including blue, green, yellow, purple, and pink, which are perfectly blended together to create the most beautiful combinations. We recommend rainbow roses for:

  • Birthdays

  • Mother’s Day

  • Anniversaires

  • Graduations

But truly, you could send rainbow flower bouquet for any reason, whether it’s to cheer someone up while they’re sick, or even just because. No matter the occasion, the recipient of your bouquet will light up with joy.Place your rainbow roses delivery today to bring a bright smile to your special someone’s face! All flowers delivered by FTD will arrive fresh and vibrant for a gift your recipient will truly enjoy.