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Red Flowers and Red Bouquets

Red flowers are some of our most popular—with their inherent passion, gorgeous crimson petals, and romantic messaging, it’s easy to see why so many people send their special someone a bouquet of red flowers when they want to show their love. Browse our options to find the perfect red bouquet to say you care. Just input the desired recipient’s address and your payment method, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Red Flowers FAQs

What are the most popular types of red flowers?

Bright, ruby-red rose bouquets are some of the most popular red flowers out there. For those who want to send their special someone a passionate message of love, they’re some of the best. However, that doesn’t mean red roses are your only option when looking for the perfect bouquet. Some of our other popular types of red flowers include:

  • Deep red carnations

  • Bright, exciting red daisies

  • Red Peruvian lilies

  • Amaryllis

  • Canna

  • Tulips

  • Hibiscus

  • Orchids

  • Peonies

Our mixed bouquets of red flowers are especially stunning, as the various hues come together to form a crimson explosion of blooms!

What’s a good occasion to send a red flower bouquet?

Red flower arrangements make excellent choices for a variety of occasions. Valentine’s Day is certainly one of the most popular, but you’re by no means restricted to that day for sending a gorgeous red bouquet! Here are a few of our favorite occasions for gifting someone special a beautiful bouquet of red flowers:

  • Romantic occasions, like date nights and anniversaries

  • A birthday flowers delivery for that special someone

  • Just-because for someone you’re passionate about

  • Graduations for those who went to schools where red is a school color

  • A poinsettia during the Christmas season

  • Red geraniums as a summer housewarming gift

Really, it’s hard to go wrong with a red flower bouquet for someone you care about! That’s true even for sad occasions, such as a funeral flower delivery. Since red flowers represent love and devotion, they are an appropriate choice in a funeral floral arrangement. Dark red roses especially signify grief. Because red flowers indicate strength, they are also suitable for a sympathy flower delivery to the home of the deceased’s loved ones. You are wishing them strength during this difficult time.

Know someone celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary? Send them a lovely red freesia bouquet or arrangement, the symbol of the seventh anniversary. Another tradition is sending the couple announcing their engagement a red peony bouquet in celebration. In summer, consider sending bird lovers a red flowering plant for their porch or patio. Red flowers attract hummingbirds, among the smallest and most dazzling of the avian species! Red trumpet creepers, with their tubular flowers, are special favorites among hummingbirds and pollinators.

What does giving someone red flowers mean?

Red flowers typically symbolize passion. Red roses are some of the clearest communicators of deep love and romance, and red carnations, daisies, and lilies can all similarly convey that heartfelt affection. Want to let someone know you love them? Say it via a red flowers delivery. The message is unmistakable.

However, depending on the context, they’re not restricted to romantic messaging! A lovely red mixed bouquet can be a great getting-to-know-you flower delivery. And, when paired with yellow or blue flowers, red flowers make a spectacular addition to an arrangement for any occasion. FTD makes sending the best-selling flowers to the people you love simple—find the perfect blooms to make your loved one smile today!

Send a red flowers delivery to the host of a party or similar event. These blooms should complement the atmosphere and provide a lively backdrop. People just feel better when they’re among red flowers. The color and beauty boost energy levels.

What are the most fragrant red flowers?

Fragrance and flowers are part and parcel of each other. What are the most fragrant red flower deliveries? Red roses top the list, but there are plenty of other red blooms boasting incredible scents. Peonies offer a fresh, clean fragrance that combines well with that of other flowers. Red jasmine possesses an incredibly sweet smell. Perhaps the most enticing smell of all belongs to the tuberose, available in red and many other shades. In their native India, tuberoses are known as Rajanigandha.

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