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Gardening Plants

Whether for an urban gardener or country green thumb, FTD offers a lush selection of beautiful garden ready plants online that will have them rooting with excitement. From flowers and foliage to fruits and vegetation, our garden plants will bring to life any patio or plot of land.

Are garden plants easy to grow?

When it comes to garden plants, there are a number of elements to keep in mind for successful growing - soil, drainage, sunlight, shade, shade and available space. Other factors to consider are the kinds of insects and animals that might be looming around your yard. An easy way to tackle each of these components is to plan ahead and research the various types of garden plants online that might be most suitable for your yard’s conditions. Combined with following the instructions that accompany your garden plant delivery, you will certainly set yourself up for success.

Can I plant garden plants in a pot?

Absolutely! Most any garden plant that can grow in your yard can thrive in a pot. Just be sure to get an appropriate container that allows for proper root growth, drainage and stability. Garden plants in pots are a wonderful option for apartment dwellers, adding dimension to an in-ground garden or to decorate your patio or window sills. An added bonus, having garden plants in containers gives you the flexibility you need to find the sweet spot for optimal growth. Whether tweaking your garden plant’s access to water or sunlight or placing under coverage during inclement weather, make your potted garden plant feel pampered and provided for and reap the fruits of your labors.

What are the benefits of gardening?

Caring for both in-ground and potted garden plants produces a wide assortment of healthy benefits. In addition to being an excellent form of exercise and a way to boost your Vitamin D intake, gardening helps to reduce stress, enhance self-esteem and improve memory. Working on garden plants with your family, roommates or neighbors aids in cultivating relationships and building a sense of community. With so many incredible aspects, order your garden ready plants today and dig into the greatness!

What occasions are appropriate to give a garden plant?

Lovely gifts for birthdays, Easter, Mother’s or Father’s Day, anniversaries or simply just because, garden plants, flowering or otherwise, are suitable for a variety of occasions. Celebrate and encourage a new hobby for a recent retiree or empty nester. Has your sister just started on the path of renewed health? Our blissful blueberry garden kit is perfect for getting her outside into the fresh air to tend to this powerful garden plant packed with antioxidants. Or has a co-worker recently been going through a difficult time? A zenful succulent garden DIY is positively distracting and therapeutic. Whatever the event, let your love bloom or your kindness flourish with a garden plant delivered to their doorstep from FTD.