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Wildflower Bouquets

There is something so effortlessly beautiful, and brilliant about a bouquet of wildflowers. The vast majority of wildflowers are distinguished by their visual beauty, fragrant appeal, and sprawling shapes. FTD’s carefully curated wildflower bouquets feature daisies, snapdragons, carnations, lilies, delphiniums,and more. Check out our many wildflower bouquets for delivery!

Wildflower Delivery FAQs

What makes a flower a wildflower?

A wildflower is most appropriately defined as a flower that has not been genetically manipulated or enhanced. These flowers grow without any intentional human aid and belong to about 300 different families. Experts estimate that there are over 20,000 species of wildflower plants in North America alone! Some of the most popular wildflowers include:

● Sunflowers

● Lilies

● Daisies

● Poppies

● Cosmos

Each of these blooming plants grows naturally in the wilderness without any human interference needed. At FTD, our selection of wildflower bouquets make great fall flower arrangements. From sunflower delivery to succulent delivery, you can count on us for all of your next-day gifting needs.

How often should I water wildflowers?

Fresh cut wildflowers require regular maintenance and water changing. You should change the water for your wildflowers every other day to double the life of your flowers. If the water in the vase contains nasty bacterias, your flowers will feed on them and could become wilted in no-time. To keep your wildflower arrangement looking prettiest, keep the flowers away from any extreme temperatures or particularly drafty spaces. This can cause accelerated wilting— effectively shortening the lifespan of your beautiful wildflower bouquet.

How much sunlight do wildflowers need?

Every wildflower is a bit different when it comes to sunlight demands. A mixed rose bouquet, for example, requires at least 6 hours of sunlight every day. A sunflower bouquet requires anywhere between 6 to 8 hours per day. The vast majority of wildflowers require nearly half a day of sunlight to keep their natural brilliance and shape. Without sunlight, flowers can’t get the energy they need to create their own food source. The best place to put a vase of wildflowers is near a window that gets plenty of natural light.